Miracle Muffins -
Great American Bake Sale

Details of our bake sale:

Buy 12 mixes - Get 3 more mixes Free!
Miracle Muffins donates $10 towards
the Great American Bake Sale

What do you do with 15 dozen Miracle Muffins?

- Have your own bake sale and donate some of your proceeds to the Great American Bake Sale

- Have your own bake sale and raise money for your local school, church, girl scouts, band or other non-profit

- Supplement your income by selling baked muffins and muffin mixes (follow all local health codes for catering services)

- Enjoy the muffins by sharing them with family and friends knowing that you are sharing a healthy gift, saving money and helping feed hungry children!

For more information about The Great American Bake Sale call (800)761-4227 or http://gabs.strength.org

Follow our bake sale progress at http://join.strength.org/goto/miraclemuffins

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